Bad Credit Car Loans Cincinnati

Do you need a car but have bad credit?  We put people with low credit scores in cars every single day!  Our bad credit car loans Cincinnati program is designed to help people get approved for auto loans even with bad credit! 

Everyone deserves a second chance!

Feel confident in coming to see me to to get a bad credit car loan in the Cincinnati, Ohio area!

I have several lots to pull inventory from as we are a huge company!  Rest assured we will find the right vehicle to suit your needs and finances!  My buy here pay here automobile lot is among the best in the region.

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What We Do

Bad credit car loans are what we specialize in.  Our mission is to give second chances.  Our program is designed to help people who have had financial troubles in the past, get into a reliable and affordable automobile.

4 YR, 48,000 mile Service Contract

92 Point Inspection on Every Auto

Save with $10 Oil Changes Life of loan

System Diagnosis & Repair

Engine Replacement for $50 deductible

Many more perks awesome program

Why Choose Us

We help people everyday get cars with bad credit!  We provide excellent customer service and strive to help people get back on track.  Everyone deserves a second chance and bad credit car loans program is a great way to get you back on track!  As well as into an affordable, reliable vehicle that suits your needs!  This is why we consider ourselves the best bad credit car loans Cincinnati dealership Cincinnati, Ohio has to offer!

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About Me

My name is Doug.  I'm here to help people that have had financial setbacks.  Whether it be a divorce, loss of job, or just young and trying to get established!  We all deserve second chance auto loan alternatives.  Let's face it, we all need transportation.

Doug Goodman

I'm proud to say I sell one of the best car programs Cincinnati, OH has to offer!  I care about my customers and strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction!

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